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Saturday ♬ 2/11/06 ♬ 11:51am
  Saturday, February 11, 2006

I was not a prophet, neither was I the son of a prophet.-Amos 7:14.

Amos was a sheep raiser. In fact, the above verse goes on to say that he was not only "a herdsman" but also "a nipper of figs of sycamore trees." So he spent part of the year as a seasonal worker. He was neither born as a prophet's son nor trained as a prophet. Of all the people in Judah, though, Jehovah chose Amos to do His work. At that time, God did not select a powerful king, a learned priest, or a wealthy chieftain. This provides a reassuring lesson for us. We may possess little in the way of secular status or formal education. But should that make us feel unqualified to preach God's word. By no means! Jehovah can equip us to proclaim his message-even in challenging territories. Since that is exactly what Jehovah did for Amos, it will be instructive for all who desire to speak God's word with boldness to consider the example set by Amos. w 11/15/04 2,3

::::Being that we discussed this before service today. .I really liked the fact that Jehovah truly looks at the heart condition of each of us and works with in that. .. We are ordinary just like Amos yet Jehovah choses us to carry the greatest responsiblity on Earth. .Saving lives.
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A Complete Heart 
Friday ♬ 12/30/05 ♬ 7:31pm
  I know we have heard this so many times from the platform, but what I got from the meeting last night was that I/we have to serve Jehovah whole heartedly. 2 Chronicles 25:2 tells us that King Amaziah did what was right in Jehovah's eyes, only not with a complete heart.
I guess we can all get like that in the Truth. We can go to the meetings, we can go out on service, we can do all the right things, but if our hearts are not in it then when the tests come we may fair badly just like King Amaziah.
So on a personal level I want to make sure my heart is always in it. Speak to Jehovah more often and learn to trust and wait in him.
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one of my very many questions 
Wednesday ♬ 12/21/05 ♬ 5:34pm
mood: confused
alrighty, here i go
(bible sciptures to help back up reasoning, please)

question 1: how can you, personally, be sure that the annointed are who they say they are, and how do you, personally, know that you aren't annointed and going to heaven

question 2: in the bible, talking about partaking of the wine and bread, jesus says to "continue doing this". why is it that just the annointed partake of the wine and break, and not everyone else. i mean, when jesus commanded the apostles to partake, he said to keep doing this. so why don't we follow that commandment?

ok, i'll leave it with just two questions for now, so i don't go jumping from one subject to another. thanks yall for your help!
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i'm new to this community 
Friday ♬ 12/16/05 ♬ 6:07pm
mood: confused
1.)What's you name: rebekah
2.)Age: 20 (going to be 21 in 29 days)
3)Spiritual goals: not sure, which is why i'm here.
4)Why did you join this group?: Honestly.... well, i used to be a jw. i'm not disfellowshipped, so don't freak out on me and cancle my membership. i must admit i am sore with most of the wittnesses because of stuff that has happened. i dont know if i want to be one, and i don't know that i don't. right now i have nothing spiritual wise, and i'm not liking it. i feel empty and need something in my life, and i need to see if this is what i want. i know there are alot of jws that are nice, but there are also alot of jws that are mean backstabbing people, but then again there are nice people in the world, and mean backstabbing people in the world. anyways, i'm looking for something. if yall don't want to talk to me, i guess i understand.
5)Are you going to abide by the rules?
6)You realize you are obliged to post in this journal weekly or your mebership will be revoked after several brotherly warnings: i will try my best to post every week, although when i don't have anything to talk about i don't post. doesn't mean i'm inactive, i'm just waiting for something to say.
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Friday ♬ 12/16/05 ♬ 5:55am
  I'm back. .. I need to be back. . I miss the gang!!! I'll explain later.  
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The oldest excuse in the book 
Sunday ♬ 12/11/05 ♬ 3:54pm
mood: amused
What follows is an amusing conversation I had at work on the subject of Christmas

Alan who is a Born Again Christian agreed with me that the christmas celebration is not of Christian origin but pagan and stems from the celebration of the winter solstice and the Roman celebration of Saturnalia.
So I said to him was it true that when Israel were Gods chosen people on earth were they not warned in the Hebrew scriptures about tainting their faith with that of the pagan nations around them, to which he agreed that it was true.
Then I asked him if his faith was approved by God of which he again said yes it was. So then I asked well if it is approved by God why are you tainting your faith with that of the Pagan religion by celebrating christmas which is not a Christian celebration and not approved by God. His reply was. well I have to celebrate christmas because of the wife, to which we both laughed, Adam used the very same excuse in Genesis 3:12
It didn't wash back then and it'll not wash now
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A thought from the book of Daniel 
Thursday ♬ 12/8/05 ♬ 6:34pm
mood: content
Hi all, I guess I'm a newbie here and this is my first posting.
What I found interesting from this weeks study of the Daniel book was the comment made by Daniel in chapter 9:1,2 where he states 'I myself Daniel, discerned from the books'. It says to me that even though Daniel was Jehovah's prophet and at times it is evident that Jehovah's spirit was with him, Daniel was still a student of Gods word, he didn't just sit back and wait to be inspired. I think of Daniel as being a learned man, well versed in the law, and this is probably true, but still he knew the importance of bible study.
So if someone like Daniel needs to regularly study Gods word, then so do I
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Sunday ♬ 11/13/05 ♬ 9:48am
  I dedcided that it was best for me and my sprituality to take an extended brake from the computer. I want to be really really better. . .that made no sense but yet and still. . . .I have to get my mind together and i wanted you guys to know that. . I'm still going to pioneer next month but i need to be more active out in service. . .well ttyl I'll keep you posted occcasionally. . . .I need the maintaner to assign the bible reading and keep the group up for me . . i hope i can trust yall. .alrighty. . ttyl  
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Wednesday ♬ 11/2/05 ♬ 4:15pm
Sorry Imma have to post 2 entries at once on Sunday. .no time. . .

MAtthew 14-21
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I'm sorry 
Wednesday ♬ 10/26/05 ♬ 7:37am

Hey guys. . .i didn't mean for my last post to come off the wrong way.. . I know that some people are extremely insecure about posting pubicly. . .That's ok. The only reason i ask that is that i'd like to be able to read each one of your entries and when you make them "friends only" and I'm not on your friends list then i can't read it nor can those who are in the group and not on your personal friends list. . .. now there we're 2 ways that i know that we can solve it. Add everyone in the community your friends list or make all the entries public. . . if anyone has any idea i wwelcome them.. i want this group to be a success so that means your input as well. . . .Oh and i put my moodas aggrvated not because i was mad or upset with any of you but with my day at school. . So I'm sorry if any of that came out in that entry as well. . .I truthfully didn't mean it for you guys. . . I know that some people won't be able to post, Some people have already talked to me and that's cool. . That's all i want to know. . maybe you could leave a small comment in my journal. . .or email if you won't be able to post or just say so when you can post.. .or even post when you can. . . I'm no longer making it a duty to post because i know that can be overwhelming but i do want you guys to contiue with the assigned bible reading, please. . . I want this commnity to be a sucess and bloww the rest of them off their feet. . . .and you'll be able to say that you've read the whole bible. .. I can't wait. . I just wanted to clear that up you guys. . .I'm not mad in any sort of way. . .but i love you all dearly. . .
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hi gang 
Tuesday ♬ 10/25/05 ♬ 2:44pm
mood: aggravated
Ok i know that eveeryone is busy and all but can we please try to remeber to post if we won't be able to update.. . i only got one entry. . .and if you did post please make sure that it's a public entry . . .thank you. . .

This weeks is Matthew 8-14 . ..same drill...
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Sunday ♬ 10/23/05 ♬ 7:06pm
mood: tired

Well, what an awesome bible reading. I love the book of Matthew. I especially love Jesus' sermon on the mountain. It is perfect in all ways and if everyone attempted to live by it then wow .. .the wrold would be a better place. Now here are my benefits.

I appreciated in Matthew chapter 1 when we were given the geneolgy of Jesus Christ. We can see that Jehovah made a promise and he kept it. He said that this promised seed would come through the line of Abraham and David and it did. This deepend my faith for Jehovah's promises. Even though it took 42 generations for that promised to to come, it camed. What a beatiful expression of ehovah's love for us.

In Chapter 2 I really appritiated that even the astrologers knew that something special had happend and that Jesus was truly going to some one special in his life time. . .It was of interesting note that Satan also knew that Jesus was going to be a great person. He tried to have him killed from infancy. Yet Jehovah's hhand is in the matter and he protected his son from Satan the devil. When Jehoavh had them hiding, not even Satan could find them. . . The question that i thought about though was that why couldn't Jesus have died when he was a child. I noted that Jesus didn't have understanding when he was a child .. so therefore we couldn't have forgivness of our sins even then. Jesus need to have understand about his father his father's purposed and everything before he died. . . also he had to prove himself spiritual so therefore the Jehovah protected his son thus fore protecting his name in a sense. . .. i hope i conveyed that the right way.

In Chapter 3 we already see that the Pharassies were hypocrites. . .and we see that jesus truly is God annoited son. . .

In chapter 4 it comes Jesus being tempted in the wilderness to be tempted.

In Chapters 5-7 we have the best talk ever given.

*What I benefited*
I really appritiated not only what i've mentioned above but also numerous points in the sermon on the mount. One point I particular enjoyed was that in Matthew 7:1-5 To me it made me feel better because it shows that we should be judging and one nor do we have the right to because we alweays have our own problems that we have. So we can't fix other people's problems or judge them for their mistakes because we may be doing something that is even worse than what that person who made that mistake is doing. It helps me particularly because sometimes people can look at me because i got reproved and make that as an excuse to say that i'm bad association. In all actallity that's not true at all. We all make mistakes and it's very human to fall short of God's glory. So i don't jugde people and i don't want people to judge me excepts the one who has that right Jehovah. . .no one is better than the other.

I also loved the point about loving your enemies. . . It's so easy to love those tha tlove us but it's not easy to love those that are rotten towards us. That means loving those who talk badly about us and do things that hurt us inwardly or outwardly. WE are COMMANDED to love those who hate us. . .Even if they never love us back we have done what Jehovah wants and we will be blessed in all we do. . .. and as for those who hated us they will get what they deserve.

Lastly i appritiated the point about when Jesus called his disciples they followed him instantaneously. . . that brings to fore how do we respond when called on to do something. do we respond immmediately or do we lag about???? We want jump into Jehovah's sevice with excitement and joy. . .

These are just a few of the points that I benefited from the bible reading. .I look forward to reading what you have benifited as well.
Much love,

T.a. - The Freshmaker!
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ok Guys. . let's get rolling. 
Monday ♬ 10/17/05 ♬ 8:28pm
mood: cheerful
Yay it is time!!!!!!!!

Ok guys it's time for our first bible assignment. . ..
First though let me thank you all for joining and i hope that you will continue to recriut members. (forgive my spelling it's horrid) Ok some information that you should know. There are 3 maintainers. . . .Jessie(speckle_darling), Jamie (lemoncookie), and myself T.A. (imaginitivemind). Us 3 are responsible for making sure there is always order in the group and everyone stays up to par with expectations. . .We'll work closely together to pick differnt bible readings that may benefit us. . in time we'll get through the whole bible. . . . If you have an request please feel free to contact us and we'll talk about it together. . . Ok, well let's go and get with it. . . .

This weeks bible reading is going to be from Matthew. The chapters are 1-7. . . . I know that it seems like a lot but it is extremely interesting and we all have chances to gather different points to help one another. . .Now you have all till next Monday to read it all and make you post about what you benefited from or want to share. I'd love to hear how you can use it in your personal life also. That's what we're here for. . .To help one another.

Now with vigor and vim let's get to our first assignment and blow it away.
Your brother,

Let's do it
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Tuesday ♬ 10/18/05 ♬ 10:16am
mood: Feeling good today!
1) What's you name?: Paula-Ann

2)Age: 32 years

3)Spiritual goals: Pioneering, encouragin my children to make the truth their own as they grow older and help support my family to know JEHOVAH once again.

4)Why did you join this group?: For spiritual encouragement when I'm not at meetings/witnessing!

5)Are you going to abide by the rules?: Most definitely as long as they don't ask me to do anything contrary to JEHOVAH's principles.

6)You realize you are obliged to post in this journal weekly or your mebership will be revoked after several brotherly warnings: That's fair and helps with the encouragment side of things!

7)Please have fun. (not a question): I plan to. Thanks :D
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about me: 
Sunday ♬ 10/16/05 ♬ 7:37pm
  1)name: Kyle
2)age: 15
3)goals: i would like to pioneer this summer
4)i joined this group because i think it'll motivate me to stick with my bible reading
5)yes, i plan to abide by the rules
6)i realize that i am obliged to post in this journal weekly or my mebership will be revoked after several brotherly warnings.
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Friends only: survey: Introduction 
Sunday ♬ 10/16/05 ♬ 8:14pm
mood: Happy

Welcome to the crew. This is a friends only community so i will have to approve all request apon you joining. If you do make it as a member I kindly ask that you will please fill out this survey and post it to the community. You have also made a vow when you request to join to up hold to this community standards. That does mean reading, commenting and posting weekly. With much love you brother in the faith. G.

The survey you must fill out is as follows:

1) What's you name
3)Spiritual goals
4)Why did you join this group?
5)Are you going to abide by the rules?
6)You realize you are obliged to post in this journal weekly or your mebership will be revoked after several brotherly warnings.
7)Please have fun. (not a question)

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