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ok Guys. . let's get rolling.

Yay it is time!!!!!!!!

Ok guys it's time for our first bible assignment. . ..
First though let me thank you all for joining and i hope that you will continue to recriut members. (forgive my spelling it's horrid) Ok some information that you should know. There are 3 maintainers. . . .Jessie(speckle_darling), Jamie (lemoncookie), and myself T.A. (imaginitivemind). Us 3 are responsible for making sure there is always order in the group and everyone stays up to par with expectations. . .We'll work closely together to pick differnt bible readings that may benefit us. . in time we'll get through the whole bible. . . . If you have an request please feel free to contact us and we'll talk about it together. . . Ok, well let's go and get with it. . . .

This weeks bible reading is going to be from Matthew. The chapters are 1-7. . . . I know that it seems like a lot but it is extremely interesting and we all have chances to gather different points to help one another. . .Now you have all till next Monday to read it all and make you post about what you benefited from or want to share. I'd love to hear how you can use it in your personal life also. That's what we're here for. . .To help one another.

Now with vigor and vim let's get to our first assignment and blow it away.
Your brother,

Let's do it
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