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Well, what an awesome bible reading. I love the book of Matthew. I especially love Jesus' sermon on the mountain. It is perfect in all ways and if everyone attempted to live by it then wow .. .the wrold would be a better place. Now here are my benefits.

I appreciated in Matthew chapter 1 when we were given the geneolgy of Jesus Christ. We can see that Jehovah made a promise and he kept it. He said that this promised seed would come through the line of Abraham and David and it did. This deepend my faith for Jehovah's promises. Even though it took 42 generations for that promised to to come, it camed. What a beatiful expression of ehovah's love for us.

In Chapter 2 I really appritiated that even the astrologers knew that something special had happend and that Jesus was truly going to some one special in his life time. . .It was of interesting note that Satan also knew that Jesus was going to be a great person. He tried to have him killed from infancy. Yet Jehovah's hhand is in the matter and he protected his son from Satan the devil. When Jehoavh had them hiding, not even Satan could find them. . . The question that i thought about though was that why couldn't Jesus have died when he was a child. I noted that Jesus didn't have understanding when he was a child .. so therefore we couldn't have forgivness of our sins even then. Jesus need to have understand about his father his father's purposed and everything before he died. . . also he had to prove himself spiritual so therefore the Jehovah protected his son thus fore protecting his name in a sense. . .. i hope i conveyed that the right way.

In Chapter 3 we already see that the Pharassies were hypocrites. . .and we see that jesus truly is God annoited son. . .

In chapter 4 it comes Jesus being tempted in the wilderness to be tempted.

In Chapters 5-7 we have the best talk ever given.

*What I benefited*
I really appritiated not only what i've mentioned above but also numerous points in the sermon on the mount. One point I particular enjoyed was that in Matthew 7:1-5 To me it made me feel better because it shows that we should be judging and one nor do we have the right to because we alweays have our own problems that we have. So we can't fix other people's problems or judge them for their mistakes because we may be doing something that is even worse than what that person who made that mistake is doing. It helps me particularly because sometimes people can look at me because i got reproved and make that as an excuse to say that i'm bad association. In all actallity that's not true at all. We all make mistakes and it's very human to fall short of God's glory. So i don't jugde people and i don't want people to judge me excepts the one who has that right Jehovah. . .no one is better than the other.

I also loved the point about loving your enemies. . . It's so easy to love those tha tlove us but it's not easy to love those that are rotten towards us. That means loving those who talk badly about us and do things that hurt us inwardly or outwardly. WE are COMMANDED to love those who hate us. . .Even if they never love us back we have done what Jehovah wants and we will be blessed in all we do. . .. and as for those who hated us they will get what they deserve.

Lastly i appritiated the point about when Jesus called his disciples they followed him instantaneously. . . that brings to fore how do we respond when called on to do something. do we respond immmediately or do we lag about???? We want jump into Jehovah's sevice with excitement and joy. . .

These are just a few of the points that I benefited from the bible reading. .I look forward to reading what you have benifited as well.
Much love,

T.a. - The Freshmaker!
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