imaginitivemind (imaginitivemind) wrote in bible_gang,

I'm sorry

Hey guys. . .i didn't mean for my last post to come off the wrong way.. . I know that some people are extremely insecure about posting pubicly. . .That's ok. The only reason i ask that is that i'd like to be able to read each one of your entries and when you make them "friends only" and I'm not on your friends list then i can't read it nor can those who are in the group and not on your personal friends list. . .. now there we're 2 ways that i know that we can solve it. Add everyone in the community your friends list or make all the entries public. . . if anyone has any idea i wwelcome them.. i want this group to be a success so that means your input as well. . . .Oh and i put my moodas aggrvated not because i was mad or upset with any of you but with my day at school. . So I'm sorry if any of that came out in that entry as well. . .I truthfully didn't mean it for you guys. . . I know that some people won't be able to post, Some people have already talked to me and that's cool. . That's all i want to know. . maybe you could leave a small comment in my journal. . .or email if you won't be able to post or just say so when you can post.. .or even post when you can. . . I'm no longer making it a duty to post because i know that can be overwhelming but i do want you guys to contiue with the assigned bible reading, please. . . I want this commnity to be a sucess and bloww the rest of them off their feet. . . .and you'll be able to say that you've read the whole bible. .. I can't wait. . I just wanted to clear that up you guys. . .I'm not mad in any sort of way. . .but i love you all dearly. . .
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