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The oldest excuse in the book

What follows is an amusing conversation I had at work on the subject of Christmas

Alan who is a Born Again Christian agreed with me that the christmas celebration is not of Christian origin but pagan and stems from the celebration of the winter solstice and the Roman celebration of Saturnalia.
So I said to him was it true that when Israel were Gods chosen people on earth were they not warned in the Hebrew scriptures about tainting their faith with that of the pagan nations around them, to which he agreed that it was true.
Then I asked him if his faith was approved by God of which he again said yes it was. So then I asked well if it is approved by God why are you tainting your faith with that of the Pagan religion by celebrating christmas which is not a Christian celebration and not approved by God. His reply was. well I have to celebrate christmas because of the wife, to which we both laughed, Adam used the very same excuse in Genesis 3:12
It didn't wash back then and it'll not wash now
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